General Membership Meeting - April 2019

Keynote Speaker: Kai Fisher, Address Management Support Analyst, Senior

Topic: Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) Mail Process Flow

Date: Thursday, April 11, 2019

Time: 8:30 AM - 10 AM

Location: 2000 Royal Oaks Drive, Sacramento, CA 95813-9998


Educational Topic: Undeliverable As Addressed Mail Process Flow

Only 4.5% of the billions of mail pieces handled by the USPS each year is determined to be Undeliverable As Addressed, but handling that mail is time consuming and a source of frustration for the mailing industry and the USPS alike.

This session will show you how the USPS identifies, handles and processes UAA Mail.


kai fisher

Kai Fisher

Address Management Support Analyst, Senior

Kai Fisher is the Program Manager for the Address Management Product Licensing, CASS™ Certification, NCOALink®, and Move Update Groups at the National Customer Support Center (NCSC) in Memphis, Tennessee. 

She joined the NCSC in 2008 as the Program Manager for ACS™ customer support and product development, Change-of-Address, and USPS Undeliverable Mail Forwarding and Processing Programs support.  She has held Postal Supervisory positions in Delivery, Computerized Forwarding, Business Mail Entry and Mail Processing Operations as well as Customer Support positions in the Business Services Network.

Kai holds a degree in Human Services Management and is a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

After a tour of duty as a Navy Corpsman, Kai started her 37 year Postal career as a Letter Carrier in Omaha NE. She has 3 grown children, her daughter Clara recently received her PHD in German and German Literature at Vanderbilt University and is a teacher in Franklin TN, Alex is a Rural Carrier in Sioux Falls SD and Neal is employed by Federal Express in Memphis TN.

Event Details

Event Name: General Membership Meeting - April 2019
Show Event Date: Apr 11, 2019
Address: 2000 Royal Oaks Drive, Sacramento, CA 95813


  • Kai Fisher

    USPS Address Management Support Analyst, Senior

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