SCPCC Spotlight

Long Island PCC (Long Island, NY) 

Date founded: 1985 

Members: 435 members and counting 


  • 2021 Diamond Achievement Award 
  • 2018 Up-and-Comer 
  • 2014 District Manager of the Year (Gold) Lorraine Castellano 
  • 2014 Education Excellence (Bronze) 
  • 2014 Postal Service Member of the Year (Silver) – Laurel Stengel 
  • 2013 Communication Program Excellence (Silver) 
  • 2013 Education Excellence (Bronze) 
  • 2013 Industry Member of the Year (Gold) – Adam Avrick 
  • 2013 PCC of the Year – Large Market (Silver) 
  • 2013 Postal Service Member of the Year (Gold) – Dennis Guerin 
  • 2012 District Manager of the Year (Gold) – Lorraine Castellano 
  • 2010 Education Excellence (Bronze) 
  • 2007 – 2021 PCC Premier Certificate Award Gold Level 
  • 2013 – 2021 PCC Premier Certificate Award Platinum Level 

The Long Island PCC relies heavily on in-person meetings to maintain engagement among its membership. The COVID-19 shift to a Zoom culture for PCC events has been challenging, and members have expressed that they are experiencing webinar fatigue. The Long Island PCC leverages its newsletters and email distribution list to communicate in alternative ways until in-person events return as the norm. For Zoom events, they continue to set their meeting schedules far in advance so members know what will be offered for the year ahead. 

In 2021, the Long Island PCC held a virtual meeting for National PCC Day, with 55 members in attendance. Their general meetings take place at the New York 2 District Office conference room, with a once-a-month frequency except for special events. In July and August, they hold Executive Board planning meetings. 

The Long Island PCC’s largest annual events are the Annual Golf Outing and the Holiday Luncheon. The golf outing takes place each June, and averages 75 – 100 attendees. The holiday luncheon takes place in December and averages 100 attendees. In December 2021, the holiday luncheon will be an in-person event.

One of Long Island PCC’s biggest strengths is its relationship between local major mailers and the local Business Service Network Representatives. These mailers have become faithful PCC members and Executive Board members throughout the years, and they bring stability to the local PCC Network. During the recent USPS restructure, these relationships have proven crucial to providing a sense of continuity among the entire membership.

The Long Island PCC has several committees that contribute to their successes. They have a Website Committee, and a Newsletter Committee that publishes their monthly newsletter. They also have a Golf Outing Committee, a Holiday Event Committee, and a National PCC Day Committee that plans their annual event and kick off of the new year

The Long Island PCC is currently led by:

  • Postal Co-Chair Frank Calabrese, USPS District Manager (New York 2 District)
  • Industry Co-Chair Adam Avrick, Design Distributors
  • PCC Postal Administrator Fran Segarra, USPS Manager Consumer Affairs
  • PCC Secretary/Executive Consultant, Amy Festa-Kealy, Broadridge Financial Sol.
  • PCC Treasurer, Rocco Pozzulo
  • PCC Vice Chair, Lisa Brooks, Brooks Litho and Digital Group
  • PCC Second Vice Chair, Kristen Hulser, Flexible International Mail
  • PCC Third Vice Chair, Tracy Polite, Caldwell Bankers
  • PCC Executive Consultant, Michael R. Vignola, Century Direct

Some fun facts about the Long Island area that you may not know are:

  1. Long Island's linear shoreline extends an estimated 1,600 miles
  2. The Montauk Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in New York state.
  3. Long Island manufacturing is famous for building the Lunar Module.
  4. Charles Lindbergh’s famous flight began on Long Island. At 7:52 a.m. on May 20, 1927, Lindbergh took off from Roosevelt Field, part of a long-gone airport where a Nassau County shopping mall now sits. Thirty-three hours and 30 minutes later, he touched down in Paris, France, ending the first solo, nonstop transatlantic flight in human history.

For more information on the PCC, please visit their website at: