PCC Voice Spotlight Winner, November 2022

Arizona Desert Skies PCC (Phoenix, Az)

Members: 20-30

The Greater Phoenix Metro PCC was established in 1971, later changing their name to the Arizona Desert Skies PCC. 


2008 Premier Certificate Bronze Award

2010 – 2022 Premier Certificate Gold Award

2014 – 2022 Premier Certificate Platinum Award

Like many PCCs, change and transition are one of the challenges which the Arizona Desert Skies PCC has had to overcome. They lost both their PCC Industry Co-Chair and Industry Vice Co-Chair in May 2020 who moved to new careers unrelated to the mailing and shipping industry. They met the challenge by having two long-time members who were nominated and voted unanimously into the two vacant positions. Both bring invaluable PCC Executive Board experience and fresh ideas to revitalize the PCC. 

The Arizona Desert Skies PCC is a very proud PCC. They are deeply honored to have achieved the PCC Premier Gold and Platinum Level awards for many years. Being selected to host the PCC Welcome Booth at the May 2022 National Postal Forum in Phoenix, AZ was another proud moment for the PCC. Between the PCC Welcome and the PCC Advisory Committee booths, 58 attendees provided their contact information to learn more about the benefits of PCC membership. Also, the PCC hosted an annual holiday event which is very gratifying and memorable. The Arizona Desert Skies PCC have many great members who have dedicated their time to the PCC for over 25 years and want to make it successful every year. 

At their holiday event, they recognized their Executive Board members, general membership, and sponsors by giving Certificates of Appreciation that are signed by the Arizona/New Mexico District Manager and the Phoenix Postmaster. 

The PCC recently hosted a tour of the West Valley processing facility and had five members attend. Unfortunately, many members are still reluctant to attend live meetings, but the members who did attend really enjoyed the tour and learned a lot about the processing of mail. They shared their experiences with the ones who did not attend the tour and it generated new interest in attending future events. As a result, the PCC recruited two new members. The PCC has learned that word-of-mouth, as well as personal testimonies have proven to be a successful and compelling approach for recruiting new members. 

Forward looking, the PCC is planning to host in-person 2023 events, enabling members to feel the synergy they do not get with virtual meetings. The PCC’s 2023 kickoff event is scheduled for January 17 at the GMF facility. 

One key 2023 objective is to grow PCC membership. To help achieve this goal, they are planning to implement two key strategies: 

  1. Establish a partnership with their local Chamber of Commerce 
  2. Have a table setup in the USPS Retail Lobby with their PCC logo and share information about the value of PCC membership 

The Arizona Desert Skies PCC is currently led by:

  • Postal Co-Chair, Tina Sweeney, Phoenix Post Office.

  • Industry Chair-Chair, Theresa Thompson, Director ARO, Client Services

  • Industry Vice-Chair, Tom Faris, President, Mailings Direct

  • Treasurer, Bernadette Trujillo, President,

  • Secretary, Maryam Kassasi, President, American Bindery

  • District Manager, John Morgan, Arizona/New Mexico District

 Key Established Committees:

  • New Membership

  • Event Planning

Their website is currently under construction at The Albuquerque and Arizona Desert Skies PCCs have joined forces to reduce the cost of the website and make more information available to a broader audience.

 Some fun facts about the Phoenix Area that you may not know are:

  1. Phoenix is reliant upon the Salt River Project canal system for much of its water. This system is comprised of 151 miles of main canals that deliver water to over 880 miles of smaller subsidiary canals, and together this system forms a latticework of life-bringing canals which provide fresh drinking water to Arizona residents and irrigation to the state’s substantial agricultural industry.

  2. Home of nearly 1.7 million people, Phoenix is America’s most populous city to also serve as a state capital.

  3. Phoenix is substantially lower than the Grand Canyon’s lowest point, which has an elevation of 2,400 feet.

  4. Like the legendary creature from Greek folklore for which the city is named, Phoenix has long been associated with the blazing sun and with always rising from the ashes of whatever challenge comes its way.

  5. There are six lakes within a 75-minute drive of downtown Phoenix. Phoenix is home to one of the largest municipal parks in North America. South Mountain Park and Preserve covers more than 16,000 acres and has more than 50 miles of hiking, biking, and equestrian trails.


For more information about the Arizona Desert Skies PCC, please visit their website at: